Entry #5

CaramelAppleClock hits YouTube!

2009-07-20 10:35:24 by CaramelAppleClock

Yea so I thought I should post some of my best movies on YouTube. Starting today and hopefully every Sunday I will upload a new flash. I won't tell you what flash is it going to be, you'll just have to wait. The series will be called 'Oldies' and it's first installment was submitted today.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0skCqM 8rpw

If you liked the movie you can always subscribe to my channel (link below) and wait for more new movies every Sunday:

CaramelAppleClock hits YouTube!


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2009-09-13 04:36:55

I just watched pancakes. hahaha i laughed,its been a long time since i watched it.

WTF you signed up on 2005 and your lvl 12?BOOOO

CaramelAppleClock responds:

I like my cracked bottle very much.


2012-08-28 01:35:47

Hey! Make movies again, yo. Those are great


2015-03-01 15:51:52

Tu esti roman?